This is a game I made for my first game jam, GBJAM5. Play as a little robot exploring an small labyrinth and find upgrades along the way. Don't let those turrets get you down!

Move with WASD

Jump with Space

Activate your bubble with J (once you get it)


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locked up

c2runtime.js:332 Uncaught TypeError: this.Xa.setVelocity is not a function
    at y.La (c2runtime.js:332)
    at (c2runtime.js:352)
    at c.Yv (c2runtime.js:140)
    at c.La (c2runtime.js:137)
    at Er (c2runtime.js:98)

wow uh thanks for giving this a go and sorry for the crash. I'm not sure I actually know enough about things to be able to do anything sorry :(

I've looked over the error again, and, based on my own experience with programming languages, I think you forgot to capitalize the first letter of the function. ("SetVelocity" instead of "setVelocity")

the idea this game has is pretty good, and would be awesome with some elaboration. However the game has a notable flaw, in that the movement system is rather imprecise.  You speed up too fast on the ground but can barely control movement at all in the air, making platforming  more difficult than it would be otherwise.

Hi thanks for playing and for your feedback! Yeah the movement isn't great, I was going for a ghosts and goblins kind of jump but it just didn't really work out.